kumi. @Damansara Heights KL.

This newly opened restaurant (probably just a month or so)serves home cooked Eurasian food. If you are craving for some traditional Melaka Portuguese dishes, just pop by this little joint. Minimal decor, simple menu, and a small space…just like a comfy neighbourhood cafe. What’s more importantly that the food didn’t disappoint at all! The definition of the restaurant’s name.

The menu.

Fried brinjal (RM10) : the first dish that came out. It was piping hot and you could smell it from afar. It was fried just right and the texture was crispy outside and soft inside.

And to go with this, ask for their house sambal belacan (picture below) reminds me of how my granny used to make them. Yummy.

For all the dishes, ala carte would be priced at RM13 and the set meal is at RM15.80 (served with their house special vegetables and rice)the cucumber acar was quite nice, but it could be better if was a little bit sweeter. 

Sambal captain (dry styled sambal chicken) : I felt that they should make sure when they scoop the portion out, avoid the chili oil. As you can see, it looks really oily. First impression matters! However, the taste was perfect! The right balance of different spices and it was very flavourful. When you start eating it with your rice, you just can’t stop. 

Chicken pong teh : the famous Melaka Nyonya dish. This too was good. Didn’t lack of any flavour. Chicken was cooked just right and every mouth of this keeps you wanting more.

Curry seku : this is a Portuguese dry styled curry. Recommended for curry lovers. 

Fried sausage (RM7.00) : the only disappointing dish of the night. I wish they used better quality sausages and fry it with more onions. Hopefully they will improve on this soon!

Baked otak-otak : this was so good! Another winner dish from this place! I couldn’t stop eating this with my rice. Finally a place that serves good otak. This style is slightly different from the Muar otak. A must try!

We didn’t get the chance to order the cincalok omelette and try the desserts this time but we will definitely go back for more home cooked food. My dad would definitely love this place.

All the mains are meant for one person. Big eaters should order more that. Haha.

 Prices here are nett. It’s a pork free place. So yay to all that!

Catering is available for private functions. Call or visit them to find out more!

Hurry ,check them out soon!

Opening hours : 11.30am-9.30pm (Closed on Sundays)

Address : 21, Lorong Setiabistari 2, Damansara Heights, 50490, KL.

Contact : 0126511182 (Rueben)


Amy Heritage Nyonya Restaurant, Melaka

I googled for the best Nyonya food in Melaka and this place was one of the top places to visit. And of course being kiasu, I made reservation for a group of us. Thank God I did because they didn’t want to accept walk ins on that day.Pie tee : So crispy and flavourful.

Sayur masak lemak : this was mind blowing! Rich with flavours and I love the sweet potatoes in it. One of my favourite from this place.

Sambal petai prawns

Cincalok : love this!

Their signature chicken wings : a must order

Otak-otak : the only let down dish. Not to my liking.

This noodle was really good too.

Such a pretty dish. 

Mee Siam : surprisingly yummy especially when you eat it with the special Chilli given.

Mango kerabu : different from the usual Thai style kerabu

Ayam tempra : black sauce chicken,slightly sweet and there was a hint of spicyness. Goes well with white rice!

Cendol : this was alright, just wished they blend the ice much finer. Bulldog serves better cendol.

This is by far one of the top restaurant to visit on my list when you are in Melaka. Dishes were all so appetizing and makes you want more! 

Definitely going back soon!

Note : pork free.

Panchos, Midvalley Megamall

Sauces : I don’t really like it.

Grilled chicken enchilada (RM22.00) : Definitely looks good but so damn disappointing. It tasted like I was having white rice with tortilla and beans. Flat. 
Burrito bowl (RM18.50) : ordered grilled chicken burrito and added extra guacamole for RM3.50. I think i can make better burritos. Sigh another let down. 

Tacos : Basically all the ingredients are the same. Just prepared differently. 

I will never ever come back to this rubbish Mexican food place. What a big let down. 

Bulldog, Melaka

So it was the Alpha Weekend in Melaka (Jul 2-3) and some of us took this opportunity to plan a foodie trip. We booked the restaurants in advanced and this was the first stop for lunch after the morning services.Nyonya pai tee (RM6.00) : the shell had a bit of the oil after taste and it wasn’t crispy. Still edible but it could be better.

Nyonya laksa (RM15.90, lunch set comes with a drink and ice kacang) : this was the winning dish from this place. A bowl full of authentic Nyonya spices and flavor, probably the best laksa we’ve tried in Melaka.

Cincaru sumbat (RM10.00) : not too bad but really, don’t find anything special.

Ayam limau perut (RM16.00 for 6 pieces) : I think it was lacking of something. The flavour wasn’t rich enough.

Nyonya pongteh chicken (RM16.00 for 6 pieces) : not the best in town but not too bad either.
Cincalok omelette (RM9.00) : nothing special about this.

Nyonya chap chai (RM12) : this was the only disappointing dish. It was tasteless! 

We ordered a bowl of cendol (RM5.00)(forgot to take picture) and surprisingly it was awesome! Unlike the so called famous one in Jonker, they use fresh santan for their cendol. 

Portions here are slightly on the smaller scale. Prices here are nett and service was very good! 

Will I come back? Yes for the laksa and cendol.

Add : 145, Jalan Bendahara, 75100, Melaka. 

Note : pork free

Lady M, Orchard Central, Sg.

This cafe is quite popular among the Singaporeans. It was introduced by my aunt’s friend. Famous for their varieties of crepe cakes and desserts.

This place has a pretty interesting  design and they have 2 floors to accommodate customers.  Coffee verdict : you should know judging by the colour. Fail. Cannot make it. (This was a latte btw)

Strawberry shortcake ($9.00) : this was just perfect! 

Strawberry Mille feuille ($9.00) : flaky puff pastry filled with fresh strawberries and cream. Another winner. 
 This crepe cake was one of their special that month, I couldn’t recall what was the flavour but this was disappointing. 

Signature Mille Crepes ($9.00) : bestseller and obviously it was good! 20 thin paper layers of handmade crepes stacked with light pastry cream. Yummers!

Tarte au citron ($8.50) : just the right balance of sweetness and sourness. For lemon lovers,a must order!

I like that the desserts are not extremely sweet but of course you can’t have this too often. Nice place to chill and spend your Sundays with family and friends.

Hoshino Coffee, Ion Orchard Mall Sg.

Located in Ion Orchard Mall , Level B3 just right beside HnM.

Serves varieties of Japanese fusion food and yummy desserts! Soooo much better than Franco in KL.

This soufflé was amazing!

Iced green tea latte.

Love the interior of this place.

Green tea soufflé. The first one was much better.

Below are all the yummy spaghetti and rice dishes we tried. I forgot the name of the dishes and prices because I didn’t pay the bill. Haha.seafood are all very fresh!

Note that the portions are pretty huge. For the price, to me it was worth it. Definitely will go back for more.

Tanuki Raw, Orchard Central Singapore.

A pretty cool Japanese donburi place with a bar to chill! 

The menu. They have very reasonable set lunches everyday!

There are two options you can choose from for your bowl : rice or the healthier option, salad base… Well what’s a donburi without rice rite?

Garlic butter chicken ($16) : chicken steak topped with onsen egg and garlic flakes.  We chose the salad base for this.

Truffle yakiniku ($18) : Pan seared US Black Angus short rib, onsen egg, truffle soy sauce paired with tanuki’s signature rice. It was so awesome! The steak was soft and juicy, just right…
Bara Chirashi ($20) : cuts of salmon sashimi and generous amount of ebiko. 

Tanuki Kaisen Chirashi ($24.90) : Recommended and probably their signature, this too was really yummy! A hearty bowl of fresh sashimi. 

Truffle potato fries ($10.90) : so crispy and delicious! 
I really wish they open an outlet here in KL. Definitely a place for comfort food, well my kind at least. 

Address : https://maps.google.com.sg/maps?oe=UTF-8&hl=en-sg&client=safari&um=1&ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=sg&entry=s&sa=X&ftid=0x31da199727e3098d:0xdba9cbede2255c11&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D